Hopefully after checking out my body of work here you agree that I provide my clients a unique and tasteful way to explore and express their sensual side in a safe, friendly, and positive environment. I’ve worked with men of all walks of life and posing experience ranging from professional models to the guy who can’t even take good selfies. Simply put: I have the tools and experience to make you look your very best!

My pricing structure directly reflects the importance I place on working one-on-one with each client during a shoot. Most men have never posed for professional photos before--let alone allowed a complete stranger to take photos of him in poses that may challenge his comfort boundaries. As a result, it can take some time working with the client before he becomes relaxed enough with me and the camera.

I charge $150 for the first hour we spend actively shooting photos, then $100 for every hour after that. 

This rate includes:
* 3 professionally edited, high resolution digital images, of your choice, per hour shooting (additional images available for $50 each)
* Full editing of your images (see list of editing services below)
* Wardrobe, grooming, and styling advice (non-professional)
* Unlimited use of your purchased images for any non-commercial purpose
* Travel time to the shoot location
* Equipment set-up/break-down

Use of your purchased photos is limited to personal, non-commercial use. If you would like to sell your photos or otherwise use them for commercial purposes, please let me know so accommodations can be made, if necessary.

Travel time is included with your studio session and does not count against the shooting time (up to a 50 mile driving radius of the Renton, WA area, additional mileage is charged at $0.50 per mile.) If travel further than 200 miles is required, additional accommodations or alternate modes of transportation may need to be discussed. Please contact me directly with any inquiries of this nature.

Ask about special package rates for extended assignments such as weddings or events.

Optional/Add-on Costs

The following services are not included in the hourly rate above and are billed separately--at my cost:

* Studio rental time ($50/hr +) - Studio time is available upon request, depending on availability. Pricing varies, depending on location, and is included in your session total at my cost.
* Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe - I have a network of several local professionals who are available to assist with your shoot. Pricing varies by person, costs are included in your session total at my cost.

Because of the expensive equipment in most photography studios, hourly rates can be quite high at times. Additionally, we want a location that offers a modicum of privacy--for both your comfort and also to accommodate any potential nudity that your shoot may involve. Not all studios offer this privacy, which is a consideration when booking a studio shoot. As an alternative, some clients have opted to rent a hotel room or an AirBnB for their shoot. Since all of my equipment is 100% portable, any location you choose can easily transform into a professional photography studio with very little effort!

Photography Editing/Retouching Services

There are many benefits to working with a photography professional such as lighting, equipment, and experience in capturing fantastic images! But a truly skilled professional doesn’t stop there. The real magic actually happens in the countless hours spent AFTER the shoot, during the editing process.

I only release images that pass my rigorous quality standards and represent you at your very best! To accomplish this, I have a full arsenal of editing/retouching skills to draw upon to make your photos really shine! The following is a list of some of the most popular and powerful editing services I provide at no cost for your paid shoot.

* Airbrushing - The term “airbrushing” is actually an old-school word for back in the days when we used to develop film in darkrooms. Today, we do this digitally instead of using an actual airbrush, but the result is the same: a smoothing and evening of the skin tone to make your skin look flawless--even without makeup!
* Body Contouring - We all have those “problem areas” on us: tummy bulges, love handles, sagging skin, etc. Correcting these in real life requires surgery, but are fairly easy for me to realistically fix in your photos. My goal is not to make you look like someone else, rather the best version of you possible! The general rule of thumb I follow when making these changes is to do no more than a month’s worth of dieting and exercise would have accomplished.
* Blemish Removal - Things such as wrinkles, moles, eye bags, rashes, scars, acne, and many other imperfections on your body are easily minimized or eliminated completely as part of your photo editing. All retouching is done in high definition so even when the image is printed in a larger format, the edits look real and natural.
* Teeth Whitening - Almost no one has perfectly white teeth in real life. But there’s no need to do expensive bleaching treatments before your photo shoot. Teeth can easily be whitened--or even straightened in your photos! (Teeth straightening available upon request only.)
* Muscle Enhancement - Many men want to have more pronounced and defined muscle mass. You photos can reap the benefit of those hours at the gym you missed while you were out sick last month. Some slight modifications can give your photos a more masculine, strong, powerful presence by enlarging and defining the muscle mass already visible in your photo.
* Color Grading - Great photos aren’t just taken, they’re MADE. And nothing gives your photos that polished look that will turn heads like proper color grading and toning. It’s hard to explain color grading is to the layman, but trust me: you’ll notice the difference!

Retouching Services For Other Photographers

If you’re a photographer in need of professional editing for that special client photo, consider outsourcing your image to someone who really loves that part of the photographic process! My graphic design and fine art background makes me exceptionally qualified to turn your RAW file into something that will really turn some heads!

My rate for all retouching is $50 per photo.

For all retouching, upload your RAW file to the Cloud and I will edit the photo at no up-front cost. I’ll send you back a proof of the final image (72 dpi image with a watermark) for you to evaluate. If you like what you see, simply pay the $50 invoice and I will upload the full Photoshop project file to the Cloud for you to download and use/modify/export however you see fit!

Below are some actual before/after images of my work that demonstrate what I can do for your photographic projects!

Prints and Reproductions

At this time, I am still in the process of locating a 3rd party vendor who can host my online store and provide high quality products for my clients. In the meantime, I am happy to order prints for you and ship them to you myself. As an added bonus: I’ll sign the print for you before sending it out!

Please email me for more information including rates and available dimensions.

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